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Face Powder Tabita Asli
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Specification of Face Powder Tabita Asli

FACE POWDER TABITA Original - Facial Treatment

is a special powder foundation available in the choice of loose items from the product tabita skin care output, this powder can be used everyday and first use day cream as foundation and protective skin from the sun. Only available in one color. Powder for the face helps to brighten the face to look more fresh. Suitable for GREEN SKIN.
besides powder tabita has a double function (two way cake) as foundation or foundation, as well as powder.

The effect of powder tabita skincare is real look natural and natural with the best results that make the face look white natural naturally like not wearing powder, so it can blend naturally with your skin color.
This powder product is a product that has anti-irritating content, because 100% of its content is pure talc without other chemicals mix, which can make the face look glowing, shinny, and slipper like reflecting light. Very safe, healthy, natural, no side effects at all like blackheads, pimples, etc.

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