Sell Shampoo Bsy Noni Black Hair Magic

Country Origin
Hong Kong
Minimum Order
IDR 140,000.00
Last Updated
30 Jul 2014
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Product Specification Sell Shampoo Bsy Noni Black Hair Magic

Bsy Strip Make Sure You Buy Original D Hiaju Jgn Strip Make Green Ori Benchmark Krn Now Have The Green Strip Outstanding Kw ...

1 Box Contents 20 Sachet ( Bonus Glove 2Pcs )

Behind The Strip Green Packaging
Double Logo In Box And In Each Sachet His
Bpom : Na11121001797
Ber - International Halal Certificate
Made In Hongkong
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Function Bsy Noni Black Hair Magic Shampoo
Restoring Hair Black Within 10 Minutes
Eliminate Dandruff Quickly
Nourish The Hair Roots
Helps Grow New Hair
Prevent Miscarriage / Loss Of Hair
Provide Intake Nutrition / Vitamins On Hair
Help Overcome The Problem Of Stress / Migraine
Helps Prevent Contact With A Stroke , Brain Cancer
Troubleshooting Itchy Scalp

Excellence Bsy Noni Black Hair Magic Shampoo

Without Chemicals ( Test Lab )
100 % Natural Herbal Ingredients
Easy To Use And Durable
Not Easy To Fade ( Although Frequent Shampooing )
Recognition Fda , Gmp , Ifanca ( Halal Used )

Imported By International Group Indonesia Pt Bsy
No Existing Bpomnya

Bsy Shampoo Emang In Production For The American Market Marketed Have High Standards And Test Has Passed By American And Standards Pom Halal ... Feel Difference With United Shampoo Shampoo Bsy Bsy Other Because This Test Has Been Through The United Bpom

Feel Difference
Ngak Black Sprt Tp Black Natural Black Wax
Dry Hair Ngak
Hair Ngak Loss
New Hair Grow Dlm Tempo 2 Months

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