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Serum Flex Tabita Glow Asli
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Specification of Serum Flex Tabita Glow Asli

This TabitaGlow Serum Flex product is able to even out skin tone and make the skin brighter. Even if you have black spots on your face that have been stuck for years, this product can handle it well. Besides being useful for removing black spots on the face, acne scars. This TabitaGlow Serum Flex product is also beneficial for preventing aging of the facial skin.Use at night before night cream
Tabitaglow skin care beauty products are suitable for all skin types. Various skin problems that have been proven to be overcome, among others1- Overcoming acne.
2-Brighten dull skin
3-Whiten the skin
4-Flattens uneven skin tone
5- Flatten uneven skin due to acne scars
6-Disguise and eliminate spots and 7-blemishes on the face
8- Disguise and eliminate wrinkles.
9-Rejuvenates and tightens the skin.
10-make the face always youthful

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