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Serum Gold Tabita Skin Care Original
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Specification of Serum Gold Tabita Skin Care Original

Serum Gold Tabita Skin Care Facial Treatment

New Products from Tabita Glow Serum Vitamin E Gold Made from pure Vitamin E, providing intake of vitamin E for facial skin makes the face look more supple and taut.

How to use Vit E Gold serum is:

Use when you are not outdoors,
Wash your face with soap, then rinse thoroughly,
Then dry, then use serum for about 2 hours,
After about 2 hours rinse by using water only, just use cream.
Used around the face and neck.
To prevent wrinkles or wrinkles on the face it is advisable to use facial serum starting from the age of 25 years, so at the age of 30 your facial skin will look still tight and youthful. For ages over 35 th is highly recommended to use this serum, because at that age the skin is vulnerable to facial wrinkles or wrinkles due to age factors that cause the regeneration of new skin cells slows down so the skin will easily dull and wrinkled.

Serum facial tabita skin care contains vitamin E which will make your skin healthy natural, and become more smooth, soft, and toned. Age is no longer an obstacle for you to look beautiful and confident, because with regular use of this product your skin is not less smooth with a younger age than you. Maybe even your skin will look more smooth and soft than those who do not use face serum.

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