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Tabita Asli Travel Pack
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Specification of Tabita Asli Travel Pack

Tabita Original Trial Package / Tabita Package Economical Facial Treatment

Tabita Original Trial Package or also called Tabita Economic Package

To Meet Requests From Loyal Customers Tabita Glow, We Offer Products With Special Packaging That Is Trial Set. This Trial Package Specifically Intended For Consumers Who Want To Try This Product For The First Time Because Of Afraid Not Match Or Because Budget Is Not Enough, Trial Set Suitable For You Who Frequently Travel Because Packed In Simple And Beautiful Size.

Trial Set Can Be Used Up To 1 (One) Month, Besides Efficient, Our Products Guarantee And Same And Original / Original Guarantee Just Like Any Other Package That Already Exists.

Tabita Daily Cream (12.5Gr)
Tabita Night Cream (12.5Gr)
Tabita Facial Soap (60Ml)
Tabita Smooth Lotion (60Ml)

Tabita Skin Care Is The Newest Beauty Items That Can Make Your Face Look Radiance. Tabita Skin Care Is Your Solution In Troubleshooting:

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