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Tabita Glow Original Paket Reguler
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Specification of Tabita Glow Original Paket Reguler

Set Regular Tabita Original  Facial Treatment

Consists of facial soap, smooth lotion, daily cream, and nightly cream. This beauty care package works best to treat your facial skin well. There is no doubt the efficacy of the product tabita to whiten and brighten your facial skin to the maximum.

The benefits of Tabita Original beauty package

In the beauty care package facial tabita glow skincare there are complete products to care for your beauty, the benefits of using this facial treatment package include:

- Cleans facial skin from dirt, dust, and makeup residue

- Provide complete nutrition needed by the skin

- Whiten and brighten facial skin

- Prevent acne

- Flatten skin color

- Eliminate dull faces and disguise black stains and spots on the face

- Decrease the pores, etc.

For regular packages you can use for 2 - 3 months. Cream tabita skin care has a lot to prove its efficacy to make facial skin becomes more white blush. After the use in about 30 days you will feel the difference on your face that starts to look more clean and white blush.

Immediately see for yourself how this product will make your facial skin look perfect, order now


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