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Tabita Glow Skin Care Asli
Tabita Glow Skin Care Asli
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Specification of Tabita Glow Skin Care Asli

Tabita Glow Skincare Trial Package
100% ORIGINAL. New packagingThe Tabita Glow Skin Care Trial Package consists of:
- Facial Soap (60 ml)
- Smooth Lotion (60 ml)
- Daily Cream (15 gr)
- Nightly Cream (15 gr)Trial packages can be used for 1 month.TABITA Glow Skin Care is a beauty product that can overcome various skin problems that you experience such as:
- Get rid of pimples
- Disguise and eliminate spots on the face
- Eliminating acne scars
- Whiten the skin
- Repair dull skin
- Brighten skin color
- Rejuvenate the skin
- Tighten the skinTabita Glow Skin Care is very safe to use because it does not contain harmful ingredients such as mercury and hydroquinion that are currently rife in use by beauty products.

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